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The BOS Technologies Portal is your one-stop shop for InSAR data processing and analysis. Services provided include data discovery and cloud-based, on-demand processing for DInSAR (interferograms and time series).

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Portal Services

InSAR Processing: A cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) for SAR data processing. After creating an account, users can select from a catalog of data and provide parameters for processing (or use tried-and-true defaults), then sit back and wait for the processed results to arrive.
Web Services: Download ellipsoid-referenced DEMs and orbits/state vectors for processing SAR data.

SAR Catalog provides a web-based GUI for searching satellite SAR acquisitions.

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InSAR Processor provides on-demand differential InSAR processing for Sentinel-1 SAR data.

Webservices are provided for ellipsoid-referenced DEMs and Sentinel-1 Orbits